Thoughts from a College Senior

“Did I even choose the right major?”

“Seriously… I should have done some more volunteer work.”

“We need to go out every weekend. Its the last time of my life this is acceptable.”

“This Tuesday I am staying in and applying for jobs.”

*Tuesday hits and here my roommates and I are, drunk at the bar off half off drinks*

“OKAY REALLY! Tomorrow I’ll start applying for jobs.”

“Crap, I have no idea what I want to apply for.”

“Or where I want to live… or what company I want to work for”


“Can I just stay in my college town forever?!”


Let’s say I’m going to live to 90 years old. I would have lived over 4,000 weeks total. Out of this 4,000 weeks, only 112 of those weeks is spent in college. When we are here, it feels like this is our life. It’s hard to even think that there is life outside of our college towns sometimes. We get so wrapped up in the culture of our school. For me, I think of life as a ski resort. I think life will always be waking up to my three best friends every morning. I still think that going to work a student job hungover is okay, I think $8.00 for a beer is to expensive, and mostly I don’t think college loans are a real thing right now.

Within the next couple months reality is going to smack me right in the face. One morning I’ll wake up realizing half my friends have already applied to there dream jobs, some of my friends accepted jobs across the country, and others will be getting engaged or even married. We’re still going to avoid the whole student loan thing for now.

Personally, I can’t tell the future. That is the scariest part of this all. In a couple months I will be making a huge decision about moving out somewhere completely alone. What happens if I move to New York City and realize I hate it? Or what if I move to California just to realize I actually can get homesick. I just never have been cause I can still take a two hour drive home whenever I want. Everything is supposed to work out so that we are following our divine path. What if I take the wrong turn somewhere along the road though? Maybe I’ll pick the wrong company to work for, which steers me away from meeting a future soul mate.

All I can say is everything that is meant to be will be. Even if we do take a wrong turn for a little, some tornado will hit and completely change our direction, leading us to where we were supposed to go to begin with. My only advice is to follow our hearts, if you have doubt about something it is important to listen to it. That is your gut instinct telling you to steer clear from it.

But in the long run, we will all end up where we are supposed to be. Maybe we should all relax and stop worrying.



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