What College Taught Me

Sure, we come to school for educational purposes. But what we actually learn when we are on this four year journey is something so much more than the name of a class. It is so much more than Financial Accounting and Consumer Behavior. It is so much more than learning how to network and live in a professional setting.

If I chose to not come to college, who I am as a person would be drastically different. After four years of adjusting to people from all different places you find who you really are, and more importantly who you’re not. I don’t think there is a specific moment this actually happens, but one morning you wake up and realize that you are happy with the person you have become. You stop trying to impress people because you realize it is a waste of your time, and personality. I’ve learned that by not caring what others think of me  I have allowed my true colors to shine through, making me a happier and stronger person.

I’ve learned that rejection is only a pathway  to success. You are going to fall down a lot through this whole experience. Internships won’t call you back, the first real job you applied for has a better candidate, and inevitably you’ll get a C in a class that you tried your hardest in. It only teaches you better ways to do things, you will learn what your strengths are; as well as your weaknesses.

College has taught me the value of time. It has taught me the importance of balance in life. It has allowed me to enjoy alone time. Most importantly college has made me realized how blessed I am for the life I live. It was opened my eyes to so many opportunities and a chance at a better life ahead.


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