The Feeling of Accomplishment

So, March rolled around. I still haven’t had a successful interview, I was still unsure about what exactly I wanted to do.. meaning what type of position I wanted to be working in, where I wanted to be living, when I wanted to start, or how I would even pay for an apartment at the same time as paying back loans.

For as long as I can remember I have had a dream that I will move away after college. Both my parents are one of eight, and most of my family lives in New England. My cousins, more or less, are siblings of mine. Therefore, I knew that I would be back here later in life. I would miss them to much not to be. So I figured, instead of spending my whole life in New England I would get out for five or six years, and come back after I’ve experienced life somewhere else.

Dreams crushed. Every job I have looked at for an entry level position still requires two to three years of experience. My student loan statements came back, six months after graduation I will be paying nearly $900 dollars a month in loans. The jobs I was into did not offer relocation assistance. How would it be possible for me at all to be paying for an apartment AND $900 in loans a month? I started applying to jobs I wasn’t excited about, the feeling of doing something great with my life after college disappeared and all that I had left was the grief of never being able to do what I have so long dreamed of.

All of the sudden, it happened. I went to an interview I had been referred to from a friend. Upon entering the interview, something just felt right. I didn’t have any nerves, but instead I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be. The interviewer and I started out laughing, making jokes, and believe it or not discussing nail polish… not sure how that really ended up happening. While I was in the interview, I realized how intense and amazing this opportunity really was. The job was more than I had ever expected, and I went from it being at the bottom of my “list of jobs I want” all the way to the top. I got an offer to get flown out to Arizona to see if I like it there, because that is where I will spend two months training for this specific supply chain and sales position.

My dream felt alive again, I have not stopped smiling and making scenarios up in my head. The feeling of accomplishment, and growing up hit me. All my work has finally paid off, and my parents couldn’t be happier that someone else saw how much of an asset I could be to them. Though I have not accepted the job offer, I have never felt so proud of myself.

A few days ago I was considering myself a failure because everyone else seemed to be getting it together. But no time is too late to get a job. When it happens it just happens because you have to wait for something that is meant for you. Arizona is somewhere I never really imagined myself living, but now that I have an offer from a company I could definitely see myself working for.. I feel like this is what was meant to happen the entire time.
Another thing that goes to show… whats meant to be WILL BE. Stop worrying about everything, believe in yourself, and go with the flow. We will all accomplish everything we have ever dreamed of.. if it doesn’t come out of the blue like it did for me it will come from perseverance and confidence.


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