Why all seniors should move away from home after graduation


When you enter College, you start to feel the first real step of independence. However, being broke and living only  a couple hours away from home gives you a pretty good excuse to visit your parents as much as possible. Your friends are dying to check out the party scene at your school, and you have been seeking their approval of your new friends.

College seems to be this thing we build up in our head… we will never see our friends at home again, everyone is going to change and drift away, my parents won’t be there for me to cook dinners and keep me on track with homework… blah blah blah.

However, when you get to college you realize its not like that at all. During the first two months of school, there is two long weekends most people go home for. You have a week long vacation in November. All the sudden it is December, and you have six weeks off from school in the winter that you spend at home. Then we are back for the short month of February, and before you know it, it is Spring Break. Then don’t forget Easter. After that, you only have a few weeks and it’s summer. In between that time, you have a lot of friends from  home coming to visit, and many of the other weekends you are leaving to visit them.

Therefore, we are not TRULY leaving home. We are distancing ourselves for a while, however bringing pieces of home to a new location, and often bring new friends, beliefs, and belongings back to a new place.

Moving FAR away after college, will sure cause you fear and anxiety. However, it’s a good kind of fear, a good kind kind of anxiety. You realize that now there is no running home to mom and dad when you get stressed out (or sick.. cough cough guilty). You realize that you are now a real adult. Living out completely on your own, and this gives you the true foundation for the rest of your life.  How you will provide for yourself, you realize what is important to you and what isn’t, and mostly you will get a sense of where you belong  in life.

Staying close to home after school, you will always meet people that know others from your past. If you would, you are always sort of living stuck in the sense of who you know, who you were, and the things you’ve done. When you move away, you start new. You meet people that have the ability to change you, because there’s no one  around to hold you back from becoming what you want to be. Plus, you’ll always be living with the thought of what could have been if you did decide to move away.

By taking the initiative to move far away, you are only bettering yourself. You are showing the world how independent and fearless you can be. It shows you are open to any new adventure, and in the long run will help you pursue career motives. People will admire you, and because of all the different views you have gotten you will become more innovative as well. I am a strong believer that there are people out in the world that we are destined to meet, and how can we be so sure that those people are in our hometowns?

Take the first step to the rest of your adventurous life, see what else the world has to offer you. See who else the world has to offer you. Most importantly, learn all the lessons and gain all the experience the world has to offer you. You only live one life, make it the best one it can be.


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