What It Feels Like Entering Your Last Month (&1/2) of School….. EVER.

Well now that there is only a month of school left, the realization that it is the last time that I will see a lot of my closest friends is tearing me apart. I recently accepted a job across the country, so no I am not just saying this because we are leaving school, and we are all moving to places only a couple hours away from each other. People would have to pay thousands of dollars in order to come see me.

With this being said, you can only guess that school work is the last thing on my mind. I am constantly wishing I had more time with my friends, and even though I need the money all I can think about is how working a part time job is the last thing I want to be doing right now.

Every time I’m in the library, and I see other students hanging out with each other having a good time- I just want to get up and leave. I want to watch movies with my roommates every night we stay in, because I know I won’t be able to after these six weeks are over.

I stopped caring as much about the way the house is presented, or if no-one has been buying supplies we need for the house. It just doesn’t seem to matter to me as much anymore, all I want are smiles and laughs between my roommates. I don’t want any bad vibes for the rest of the year

Now that I am only six weeks away from leaving some of the best friends I have ever had, I am embracing all of the things I would usually get annoyed, or mad with. Knowing I have been lucky enough to live with people that have made me laugh harder than anyone else ever could, knowing they have seen the most disturbing parts of my life.. and they still accept me, it’s hard not to feel a form ecstasy when I walk into my dirty house.

These people have made me who I am, have changed my life forever. I will accept there dirty little habits for the next six weeks, knowing damn well I’ll miss them when I’m gone.


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