The Monster In Our Heads

Fear is the monster in all of our heads. It is the reason that we question so many things. “What if I made the wrong job choice?” “What if I don’t make new friends here?” “What if I end up hating it and let myself and so many others around me down?” We spend our whole lives asking questions, and worrying. But if we are constantly doing that, how are we ever supposed to grow as humans, and expand our cultural knowledge?

At some point the self doubt has to stop. It is true, we are our own worst enemies. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. We have to trust in the way of the universe.

I had always thought college was the biggest decision of my life. I was wrong. Figuring out what I want to do with my career for the rest of my life was definitely the biggest choice. It is something that is constantly hanging over me, especially with the fact that I am moving so far away. I keep thinking about how much will change when I come back in two years, how much I will miss out on.

However, I know for me I need to go out and experience something for myself. I need to experience something real, without the help of my family and friends. The monster in my head has to be tackled, self doubt has to disappear, and I need to believe in  the path layed out ahead of me.


After Getting A Job

So, there is no going around the fact that senior year of college is definitely the most stressful one.  On top of all the work you already have to do for your classes, you are also stuck with the overwhelming feeling that if you don’t get a job you have failed as being a college student. You try to come up with excuses at family parties as to what you will be doing after graduation, and even with your friends you will tend to set too high of aspirations for yourself.

Not only are you trying to keep up with your last semester of school work, but you are also trying to keep up with the social life you have known for the past four years.

After getting a job, your spirits completely change. Your days start to feel a little less stressful, and honestly if you miss a homework assignment it is no longer the end of the world. Instead of cringing every time the question, “what are your plans for after graduation?” is asked, you now look forward to the question. Today I got the question “what is new with you?” and it had never felt so good to be able to tell someone the most crucial thing that has happened in my life.

To all incoming seniors, I honestly suggest starting to look for jobs earlier rather than later. With the last semester of college, no one wants to sit inside and job search. The earlier, the better. Now I get to spend all my free time socializing, instead of spending hours on