What Scares Me Most…

What scares me most? Failure. Entering the real world and living on your own means it is now up to you to figure everything out. It is time to take full responsibility for myself. It is these few things I am most nervous about.

  1. Finances. I will now be taking on my own bills, and my own student loans. However, I am only 21, I still will be spending my money on experiences I want.
  2. Working for a company that will not be made my career
  3. Moving to the wrong place
  4. Losing friends (from both college and home)
  5. No real summer vacation!
  6. No more “ultimate freedom”
  7. No more time to “date” for fun, this is the time in life to start getting serious.

Life is coming at me quick, and it is time to see this reality. Growing up came way to quick, can we rewind a few years?


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